Drivers wouldn't install win 7 x64

We are experimenting with the HPE NVIDIA Grid K1 cards. We download the driver set for VMware esxi 6.0.

Our setup:

HPE DL380p Gen8
HPE Nvidia Grid K1
VMware 6.0
Win 7 x64 client

With the driver set, we followed the manual. Everything looks good.
But when we try to install de driver into the win 7 x64, the driver install failed.
In the comes with a warning:" CoInstaller 1: failed (0xe0000203)!"

The internet doesn’t help much.

Somebody an idea?

Are you configuring vGPU or vDGA?
Which driver set did you download? Link? File name?
If vDGA have you configured the devices for passthrough in vSphere?
How far have you got in the VM configuration?

  • If vGPU attached a vGPU profile?
  • If vDGA attached a passthrough GPU?
    If you’ve done all of the above, what appears in device manager when you boot the VM?

We are experimenting, i think we have to choose for vGPU because we use VMWare vSphere instead of horizon. Correct me if i’m wrong.
We used the NVIDIA GRID VGPU SOFTWARE RELEASE 362.13/361.40 (link:

I followed the guide step-by-step till the installation of the driver in the vm. Till then everything is good.

  1. Add the card to the machine.
  2. install the vib file on the host.
  3. upgrade the vm to vm hardware 11. So that the shared pci-device could be added to the vm.
  4. set the vGPU profile (i’m not sure which profile i could use best)
  5. Try to install the win7 driver- get the error

In the device manager, I see a VMware SVGA 3D driver. and an unknown device, which i think is the Grid K1 card.

This is a test setup, we would like to use it in our Citrix xenapp environment, only that driver is not added in to the package from the link above.

XenApp? Can you check whether you want vGPU or GPU-sharing: - for most XenApp users GPU-sharing (using vDGA) is often the best option… there is a Citrix guide on setting this up:

Thnx for your response, if i understand correctly GPU-sharing is best option, but if we use vDGA.
We can’t use DRS and HA. These options are available if we use vGPU.
For that reason we would like to use vGPU instead of vDGA.