Adding a thermal imaging camera?

Has anyone looked into using thermal cameras, or a combination of thermal/visible light cameras with a Xavier?

I am mainly interested in the best way to get the video into the Xavier with low latency.

The cameras would be something like this :

The thermal image of LEPTON 3.5 and the image recognition by YOLOV 3, I moved with Xavier and saw it.

Awesome! What interface did you use to get the video into the Xavier?

I am working with my friend a project Thermal Cam with Xavier+Pi3 B+(WIFI or Wired LAN)+YOLO+openFrameworks now.
So no spare time to up the details but you could have a clue lepton developer page as follows;-

So stay tune with my blog page
I will ask my friend to translate this project in English next year.
We are now developing the above system with our resolution with Lepton3.5 looks like BOSON QVGA model.
Stay tune !