Adjust 'distance to Camera' color range to visualize depth camera output

for visualizing the output of a depth camera within isaacsim, the only way i’ve found is adjusting the viewport’s render annotator to ‘distance to camera’.
However the color scale is fixed to the ‘meters per unit’ root layer setting, as explained in the this answer. Thank you very much @ahaidu !

The issue is that changing the ‘meters per unit’ setting works to adjust the color scale BUT also has unwanted side effects → changes physics aspects / textures / importing models: this parameter is used by other aspects of IsaacSim that should not change just for a better colorscale of the depth image.

Is there a better way to visualize the output of a depth camera in IsaacSim?
It seems like a use case for every robotics application at the core of IsaacSim!

Hi there,

would you need a live visualization of this, or would it be enough to save the data this way?