after i2cset test, nano can't boot

Did you replace the nvtboot.bin and nvtboot_recovery.bin?

Hi WayneWWW,

Yes, but nano still cannot flash and boot as I posted

Could you share the latest log , and the steps you update nvtboot + flash?

Is the log in topic 1056786 after the update of nvtboot or not?

Please note that I have a wrong patch in previous comment, you must use the latest tarball.

The log is after doing #34, #35, #40.
I set Nano to RCM and used the command “sudo ./ jetson-nano-qspi-sd mmcblk0p1” to flash.

Yes, I want to know which file and what have you changed.

I tried to use a clear Jetson-Nano-Tegra210_Linux_R32.1.0_aarch64.tbz2 just now. The result did not change.

Step 1: uncompress Jetson-Nano-Tegra210_Linux_R32.1.0_aarch64.tbz2
Step 2: uncompress Jetson-Nano-Tegra_Linux_Sample-Root-Filesystem_R32.1.0_aarch64.tbz2
Step 3: run “sudo ./”
Step 4: uncompress nvtboot.tar.gz downloaded from #40 and put nvtboot.bin to Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/t210ref, nvtboot_recovery.bin to Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader

Step 5: modify jetson-nano-qspi-sd.conf

Step 6: set Nano to RCM

Step 7: use command “sudo ./ jetson-nano-qspi-sd mmcblk0p1” to flash

Just a test. Could you put this to the package downloaded from jetpack instead of using the tarball from download center?

Putting this to the package downloaded from jetpack is still useless!

Do you meet same error even after using jetpack?

I mean do you hit same error as

[   3.0116 ] Sending ebt
[   3.0772 ]

Also, could you see any log on UART during flash?

Yes, the same error as the previous test.

UART log

0155.013] Enabled early print
[0155.016] [TegraBoot] (version 00.00.2018.01-l4t-32ed9048)
[0155.021] Processing in recovery mode
[0155.025] A02 Bootrom Patch rev = 1023
[0155.028] Power-up reason: pmc por
[0155.032] Established communication link with host
[0156.166] Odmdata from BCT: 0x00094000
[0156.170] DebugPort= 0x3
[0156.222] EEPROM CRC failed. Calculated crc=0x35 CRC stored = 0x9d
[0156.227] WARNING: Verifying Eeprom failed
[0156.232] Reading Board-ID for Board-Type-1 unsuccessful
[0156.237] BoardId read from EEPROM/NCT: 0
[0156.241] Unsupported Platform 0
[0156.244] Downloaded BCT successfully

Could you check the board id on your sticker or the print on your board?

Where can I find what you said?

The board should have some stickers on it and there are some numbers when you flip over the carrier board.

S/N: 0421619068092

There should be some text printed on the board. Could you just take a photo of it?


I just notice there is also a sticker/number on the module. If you don’t see any sticker on it, you may need to remove the module from the baseboard. Please also take a picture too.

Would you mind sharing what sdcard you are using ? Is there any other peripheral on your device?

I will share a new binary for you to test later. Thanks.