AGX Orin I2S2 on 40 pin header J30

Hi Team,

We are using the I2S2 on the J30 header (40 pin header) we need the I2S2 continuous clock for one of our requirement.
Can someone kindly guide us how to get the continuous clock from the boot up instead of I2S clock only when we play something

Maybe checking below topic.

Hi @ShaneCCC

Thanks you for your reply.
We tried this debugfs but didn’t got any continuous clock on the pin number 7 of the header.
We want to configure this I2S2 as audio in and out for our PoC.
How we can do that with the I2S2 mclk as continuous clock from boot time

Hi @bhargav.bhoot

I guess you would need I2S2 BCLK to be always ON?
If yes, can you check if method mentioned in Keep the I2S FSYNC active - #5 by DaneLLL works for you?

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