AGX Orin MST maximum capacity

Hi nVidia Jetson Team

AGX Orin display spec:1x8K@60
8K@60 means 4K@60x4
Does Orin with MST HUB(DP 1.4) support at least 4K@60x3?
if not,what’s the Orin MST maximum capacity with 3 display output?

Currently, only 2x4K60 can be supported.

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Hi Kayccc

thanks for reply

downgrade to 4K@30 ,3 port output can be support?
or another question
in MST 3 monitor situation ,what are the maximum resolution of each output port?

Currently there is no 3 monitors supported. Maximum to 2.

Hi WayneWWW

So, even in 1080P@30 resolution ,Orin just only support 2 monitor out through MST?

What’s the limitation? hardware or firmware
Is it possible to upgrade to 3 or more in the future?

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