AGX orin中的RGMII接口是否支持REALTEK(瑞昱)下的PHY芯片RTL8211Fxx系列驱动

我在基于AGX orin模组开发底板,为避免设计出错的可能,提前问清楚。望技术支持给与指导

FYI. Replace Marvell AQR113C 10G PHY to Realtek RTL8211F-CG

I presuppose to keep the public version of the ten gigabit network port, RGMII connected to the gigabit network port, in orin NX platform verified that can use RTL8211F(D)I, so I asked AGX ORIN module RGMII can connect to RTL8211F(D)I

Sorry I don’t get what you mean. You can post topic here to ask for help to tune RTL8211F(D)I, just like the user did in the topic I posted.