AGX with Spinnaker SDK and FLIR BlackFly S USB3 Cameras?

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with using the FLIR Blackfly S USB3 cameras with the spinnaker sdk on the AGX platform.
Are there any performance issues or things to know?
Does NVIDIA have any documentation regarding this type of setup?


Hi cmcgu019,

We don’t have this camera, so it is possible to have issues since it is not verified in the release. You could also refer to below thread if can help:

Reading the post you linked they didn’t seem to have issues when connecting the cameras through a PCIe card. I am planning on using the Startech PEXUSB3S44V ( Other posts I have read people did not seem to have issues with BlackFly cameras as I believe they are UVC compliant which AGX should work with (hopefully).

As a side note, do you still use the PEXUSB3S44V as your internal test PCIe card (see: Are there any issues with it for USB devices on latest Linux Kernel release, or any adjustments you recommend when using it?

Do you have any information on my second question?

hello cmcgu019,

we had similar issue that camera software stack did not recognize USB depth camera,
please also refer to discussion thread for the issue with FLIR usb-camera, Topic 1037593.

may I know which JetPack release you’re working with,

The specific camera is:
Blackfly S USB3

We have not purchased the camera yet as we are still trying to determine a setup that will work for our purpose.
Specifically we are looking for USB3 camera with similar specs to the FLIR one.
As for JetPack release I’m unsure, we are planning on using Deepstream SDK for multi-stream applications and OpenCV.

According to “” the specific FLIR model (BFS-U3-16S2C-CS) is supported on TX1, and TX2. Would this possible extend to Xavier?

hello cmcgu019,

you might check the nv_tegra_release for the L4T software release version, please also refer to JetPack Archive for release details.
for example,

$ cat /etc/nv_tegra_release | head -1
 R32 (release), REVISION: 2.0,

we also did not bought FLIR model for testing, but we knew there’s necessary pre-built library update for depth sensors.
please share the l4t version to us, we could share pre-built library for your testing,