Agx xavier board always enter recovery mode,how to enter normal boot mode

When I replace the image in /boot folder,my board will enter recovery mode,I have tried use the old Image,but the board will still enter recovery mode.
It is a hardware problem? or I should execute a command to enter normal boot mode.
xavier_boot.txt (69.1 KB)

please read this explanation first.

I have read this explanation .I think the board enter recovery boot. It is caused by the Image.
In recovery boot,I can not execute “sudo service nv-l4t-bootloader-config status”.
Now I change the Image to default. How can I exit the recovery boot,let the board enter normal boot.

This is a failed boot, which is quite different than recovery mode. For a Jetson the recovery mode is a special USB mode…the Jetson becomes a custom USB device. There is more to boot than what most people are aware of, and I see that during the process of working on this some of your storage was corrupted (though it probably could fix it under the right circumstances), and there may also be other boot devices involved. Has this ever used an NVMe drive for booting to? Or any external device? I could be completely wrong about this, but I see logs related to external devices and an initrd.

Also, is this using a third party carrier board, or is it an actual NVIDIA developer kit? HDMI would have different firmware in some cases.

I was using a Nvidia develop kit AGX xavier.I do not use any external device.
Now I want to know how to exit recovery boot.Can I enter normal boot .

Here is the method.

Hi ,
Thank you for your reply ,now I can enter normal boot.The board is working properly now.

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