Orin 64G of 35.4.1 suddenly failed to reboot.Do you know the reason?

Orin 64G of 35.4.1 suddenly failed to reboot.The following attachment is the log captured.
Do you know the reason?
orin_startup_failed.log (92.5 KB)


Are you using a DevKit or a custom board?
Your device now boots into the recovery kernel because of multiple failing attempts to boot from the normal kernel.
Please change back to the normal boot mode and attach the log again:

I’m using a custom board. And I followed the step you said, the Orin can startup rightly.
The following is the log.I want to know how to lead to entering the recovery mode. Do you know the reason?
boot_normal.log (76.1 KB)

I don’t know your actual use case so I cannot comment much here.
But if the device is running properly now, then there is no need to dig into the reason.

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