AGX Xavier Stucks at Boot Screen

• Hardware Platform: Jetson AGX Xavier (32GB)
• JetPack Version: 4.6.4
• TensorRT Version: 8.2.1
• CUDA Version: 10.2
• Bazel Version : 4.2.1
• OpenCV Version : 4.1.1
• Tensorflow Version : 2.7.0
• gcc and g++ Versions : 8.4.0 and 7.5.0


I have been using a Jetson AGX Xavier for some time. Today, after locking the Jetson, when trying to enter the password, I saw that I could enter nothing to the text field. So, I have tried to reboot the device. But, as I have rebooted, It stuck at the boot screen as you can see here:

After trying the command:

systemctl status apport-autoreport.service

I got such an output:

I have two gcc and g++ versions installed 7.5.0 and 8.4.0. Currently used version g++ and gcc binaries does point to is 8.4.0. When using ls inside /usr/lib/gcc/aarch64-linux-gnu/8 directory I can see file listed in white color. On the other hand, when using ls inside /usr/lib/gcc/aarch64-linux-gnu/7 directory I can see file listed in red color. But, I couldn’t find a file named

Could you offer your guidance and advice please?

Kindest regards.

The library should be located as /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/, and should be a real file instead of a symbolic link. Is it there?

It isn’t there. Could you provide for gcc 7.5.0 and 8.4.0 (the gcc and g++ version I am using) please?

Kindest regards.

I don’t know how you ruined the system…
You should be able to get these files on the Internet.

I no matter how much time I have ever tried to find the library on internet, I couldn’t find them. That’s why I am asking if you could offer your assistance on the issue. Also, I didn’t removed or ereased that library from /lib/aarch64-linux-gnu. That is the thing makes it unexpected.

Does it work if you manually copy the file back to /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/ from /usr/lib/gcc/aarch64-linux-gnu/7/ or /usr/lib/gcc/aarch64-linux-gnu/8/?

When I checked the /usr/lib/gcc/aarch64-linux-gnu/7/ it didn’t change anything and when I tried to use /usr/lib/gcc/aarch64-linux-gnu/8/ one, It gave me errors about ELFs being different.

Is this the one you need?
It’s a dependency of gcc-7 so I think it should work. (78.3 KB)

Thank you so much. the file you have provided have solved the issue and now, the device can boot up, open the logging screen and I am able to enter the password.

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