Already Ubuntu 24.04

Can anybody help to upgrade SDK Manager for Ubuntu 24.04 ?


That’s under planning, may I know why it’s important to you? All Jetson Nano development tools are not working on that version.

Without SDK Manager (on Ubuntu 24.04), NOR the SD image, how can I flash the system onto my board?

Hope you understand the situation.
Even if sdkmanager can work on ubunt 24.04, it cannot flash Jetson nano…
Even ubuntu 20.04/22.04 does not support to flash Jetson nano. Only ubuntu 18.04/16.04 can.

Added clarification: JetPack/SDK Manager has its own limitations on which release of Ubuntu it works with. However, the o/s being flashed also has limitations on the host PC through JetPack/SDKM since the host features are being used to generate the images. The releases you can use are the intersection of what JetPack/SDKM allows, and what the destination software flash release is.

There are times when you can flash on command line without JetPack/SDKM (such as with a manual install procedure) which won’t have those limitations. However, this is not guaranteed, you would have to just try it to find out.

@linuxdev Thank you man… That deb is okay to be installed on my Ubuntu 24.04, but …

The firmware is NOT there on Ubuntu 24.04 … So sad…

I’m going to try the JetPack 5.1.3 SD Card Image from page .

As mentioned, Jetson AGX Xaveier does NOT support SD Card Image installation. That is to say: I’ve got to use SDK Manager, which means: A host Ubuntu 20.04 is a MUST. So sad…

I am also trying to upgrade my system (Nvidia Jetson Nano) with Advantech , from ubuntu 18.04 to version 22.04 or above, I tried to upgrade a few times but with no luck.
This is the device:

Hope you will have some insights.

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