Android ArCore - CloudXR issue

Hi all
seems that the july ArCore pacth can broke CloudXR connection with this library
(Nvidia apk crash before grid recognition, compiled app with CloudXR skd crash before grid recognition)

Affected devices tested:
Oppo Reno 5G
Samsung, S10+
Note 9
but seems chained with every phone with the 1.26.212010383 version of ArCore/Google playservice for AR
EG: Samsung Note9 29 july 2021 Google Play Services for AR version 1.26.212010383

Working devices are still at version 1.26.212010323
EG: Tablet Samsung S7+ 5G update 29 July 2021 Google Play Services for AR version 1.26.212010323

uninstall 1.26.212010383, download and install standalone google apk 1.26.212010323 and stop automatic update.
For samsung S10+ seems ok

Newest version of Google Play service
Huawei P30 September official by playstore 1.27.212430123 seems fully functional
Samsung S10+ September official by playstore 1.27.21430183 crash

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My S21 hasn’t yet gotten an update. Do you have a stack trace from logcat that makes some indication of where it is crashing?

i can try to ask for the cxr client logs,
but because a presentation, every possible device used have
the workaroud applied.

yeah, would likely need the raw logcat capture after the crash. cxr logs only contain what we emit, not the system.

no worries if you can’t get a logcat, I’m sure my phone will update soon enough and see whatever the issue is… ;)

Can also confirm the bug. Crashes directly after entering the IP and pressing “Go” in the UI. We tested 7 phones (5x Nokia 8.3 5G with 6/8GB version, Samsung S20, Oppo Find X3 Pro).

No logs under root/CloudXR/ folder

  1. a capture of logcat output would suffice (adb logcat -d > crash_log.txt). but I’ve seen a log from someone, and believe this to be some kind of compatibility issue with older sdk.


  1. you should try updating the gradle arcore sdk dependency to reference 1.26 or 1.27 as it ships referencing something pretty old for backwards compat. So in the app/build.gradle file, the block starting with:
dependencies {
    // ARCore library

you want to change the version numbers, so this would be 1.26:

    implementation ''
    natives ''

See if that works, if not try 1.27 (I’d start with 1.26 just to have SOME backwards compat for devices that haven’t gotten an update). Let me know the results! :)

I’ve already made changes to refer to 1.26 for the next release.

Hi, just to update, I was having the same issue. The AR Core client would immediately crash after I input the server IP address. I tried changing the dependency versions in the build.gradle file as suggested by @tegradave. Unfortunately this did not work. I then uninstalled all updates to Google Play Services for AR on the phone (Samsung S21 Ultra 5G). I downloaded AR Core apk version 1.27.212430123 (as suggested by @alessandro_rei) and installed it using adb. After installing this version the client launched properly and I was able to stream ar_test.exe. I left the dependency version on 1.27 in the build.gradle file.

Try add “arm64-v8a” to the Build.Gradle file in line 52, it works for me.

Nice, thnks

The next release will move all the samples to 64-bit, which will hopefully eliminate this issue.