Another problem determining IP address question

Good afternoon,

Sorry guys, but this is going to be yet another question regarding failure to determine IP address when the TX2 is done flashing.

I have read through all of the posts on resolving this but cant seem to find a very clear answer, so is there a way to get CUDA, OpenVC, Tensor etc. using a different method? Like many others, using the ethernet cable plugged into the router with the host pc connected via wireless USB did not work. I have seen that after it sits for awhile and fails to determine the IP it will give options to retry or manually enter it, in which case I was going to use my IP address from the router butI will not even give me those options and its been sitting for awhile now.

Coming from only using a RPi and different flight controllers this may be a very novice question, but why cant I just flash my microSD being used for the TX2 directly from the host pc in a mini Card reader, or is that entirely not possible? Any help is greatly appreciated as I am pretty stoked to get this running and put on my quad.


Ok so I have resolved the issue. For some reason the next time I went to push CUDA, Tensor, CV etc. to the TX2 it asked me for the IP address, name and password. I went to connection information on the TX2 and got the IP address then put in the default username and password and I appears that it worked.

I went and ran a few CUDA samples so I guess I can assume that all is good to go.


FYI, the mechanism for a freshly flashed Jetson reporting its IP to JetPack can be a bit fragile to network setup. This mechanism only works on a freshly flashed Jetson, so a reboot can disable this. Manually entering the address should always work.

You can log in locally to the Jetson and run command “ifconfig” and see what the ethernet address is. The GUI login works for this, so does CTRL-ALT-F2 to get to a pure text console, but the method which is most reliable is serial console. If you are going to work on a Jetson it is extremely advisable to have a serial console handy. See:

Thank you for the response and tips linuxdev, I will read through the post about the serial console and getting that set up. I plan to buy a carrier board as this will be used on a quadcooter so it will likely be getting hooked up to another computer quite frequently.

Keep in mind that you will need to use the BSP of whichever carrier you choose. The Jetson module will work on different carriers, but will still need some edits to device tree when the carrier changes (the BSP should provide that, you wouldn’t need to figure that out yourself).