Antivirus for Jetson Xavier


I am working on a project that requires every device to have an antivirus installed. Since I have a few Xaviers in this project, I am wondering if there is any that I can install?
I understand that it is not common to install an antivirus on these machines, but it is a requirement from the client.


I’ve never used antivirus with Linux. A more typical approach would be to enable SElinux and produce a custom enforced policy (which will itself have a steep learning curve). However, you might find the output from “apt search antivirus” interesting (I give no recommendations here, but note that part of what is displayed are tools for building antivirus, and not all of it is actually antivirus). The one I note that most closely describes what you are interested in is “clamav”, but I wish to emphasize I know nothing about whether this is useful or not.

I see. Thanks for the suggestions. I will check these out.
By any chance, are you aware if McAfee’s Endpoint Security will work on Jetson machines?
We have tried contacting their support as well as all their distributors in my region but unfortunately not a single reply yet.

I do not know, but it is unlikely any of their standard products work with Linux. Linux has much different design, so I would be skeptical. Linux definitely is not Windows, especially at lower levels where exploits could occur.

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