Any good solution for Nvidia TX1's power supply?

Hello~ all
Recently I test Turtlebot with Nvidia TX1.
The power supply is a big problem for me to move Turtlebot.

The spec of Nvidia TX1 power supply is:
19V, 4.74A
BUt the Turtlebot only provides 19V 2A.

Is there any good solution or experience for me?
Thank you so much!! :)

Not sure if i get what you mean correctly…Are you saying the voltage level of TX1 does not match that of turtlebot or the battery capacity of turtlebot is too small for TX1 + bot?

For the former, the input voltage level range of TX1 module is 5.5V~19.6V, if the battery output can’t reach 5.5V, a boost DC/DC is necessary. For the latter, a bigger or multi battery could work. :)

If you are concerned about current draw at peak, then the Turtlebot could possibly be used to charge a battery capable of higher current output (versus Turtlebot) for a short time…which then powers the Jetson.

Thanks for your response.
Sorry for my non clear explanation. XP

I mean…
I checked Nvidia TX1 AC/DC Switch Adaptor,
the spec shows:
-Output 19V 4.74A 90W MAX

But TurtleBos’s base(names Kobuki) provides the power is 19V, but only 2A.

Not sure this power is ok for Nvidia TX1 or not?
If not…maybe I need to prepare a portable battery for it.

Peak power could be an issue, but I don’t know, you’d have to try it out. Consider that part of the power rating for Jetsons includes devices powered over the USB bus, the M.2 slot, and the PCIe (even HDMI has a tiny power requirement when it powers the monitor’s I2C to query EDID). If you have nothing powered over those external device slots, then you might get away with that as average power…and I would think that for nothing more than keyboard and mouse 2A would be more than adequate on average. The idea of putting a battery in and powering the Jetson by battery while the other device charges the battery is to give you an enormous peak current delivery capability compared to 2A.