Any issue porting Jetson cuda/tensorrt onto Drive AGX?


This probably sounds strange, but I would like to raise this question anyway.

So I have a Drive AGX system and also a Jetson system. The Jetson system has a more recent version of tensorrt (5.1.6) than the Drive AGX system. And for some reason, my own code works better with the Jetson version of tensorrt.

So my question simply is: can I use the Jetson version of tensorrt/cudnn/cuda libs ontop of Drive AGX?

I tried the Jetson libs on Drive AGX anyway, it works well so far.

Just want to know if it’s a stupid idea.


Hi shengliang.xu,

Thank you for the inquiry!

The bundle of software packages in Drive Software has been well validated before release.
So we don’t encourage using other version and it will be out of our support scope.

Drive Software 10.0 will be released soon and it will include newer TensorRT than 9.0.
So maybe you can try your code on it.

Hi VickNV,

Sounds great. May I ask what is the version of cuda/cudnn/tensorrt will be in Drive Software 10.0 release?

Looking forward to it anyway.


They will be 10.2.19/ respectively. Thanks!

Great! thank you VickNV.