Anyone interested in developing a neat Camera conrol extension?

I am Pekka Varis, pro ad & promo video cinematographer from Finland.
My camerawork ( and some Cinema 4d animation ) demoreel is here:

I am dreaming of a simple extension to pan / tilt camera, and to record this information as scene is on playback. Here is the vision:

Anyone interested in developing this kind of thing?
For fun / practice?

This sounds like a great project to work on! Let us know how we can help support it! Iā€™ve shared it with the dev team.

Great! I hope someone with dev skills finds this cool and drop a comment hereā€¦

nice, its good idea. You need to find web developers and starting to work on your ptoject. I have interest in making some IT stuff tool but I have not much skills for it. In my work I sometimes got donations and rewards for people who making different surveys and research.

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