Anyone interested in developing a neat Camera conrol extension?

I am Pekka Varis, pro ad & promo video cinematographer from Finland.
My camerawork ( and some Cinema 4d animation ) demoreel is here:

I am dreaming of a simple extension to pan / tilt camera, and to record this information as scene is on playback. Here is the vision:

Anyone interested in developing this kind of thing?
For fun / practice?

This sounds like a great project to work on! Let us know how we can help support it! I’ve shared it with the dev team.

Great! I hope someone with dev skills finds this cool and drop a comment here…

nice, its good idea. You need to find web developers and starting to work on your ptoject. I have interest in making some IT stuff tool but I have not much skills for it. In my work I sometimes got donations and rewards for people who making different surveys and research.

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Looks great, good startup from Pekka, I would like to contribute on my free time.

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Terry thank you so much!! Let´s get the ball rolling :)

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To start with this - I shall find out from the Red camera user forum, what is the correct name for this kind of controller :)

Here is the new video about this system in use:

Here are the same 2 wheels at real life camera dolly:

X movement is camera panning
Y movement is camera tilting

I wait for the info about the professional name of these gadgets…

Ok! So official term for this is Gear Heads

So lets call it Gear Heads camera controller

Ok Terry?

gear head

And here are the remote controlled gear heads:

Hi Pekka,
Good with the name, and thanks for the sharing. Do we need a similar UI in our extension like the gear heads? cause the mouse may not be flexible enough to control the camera.(for example, control speed during panning)

In zero gravity, you can move stuff with physics:

See, there is a nice slow gravity like feeling. I think this kind of mouse movement to control the X and Y movement, watching the selected cameras point of view while recording the finetune motions in realtime, is just ok.

But camera movement must be faster when you move your mouse further on your desired direction… Like the more you move your mouse ( and press button ) the faster the imaginary gear rotates. I can make you a nice UI for this and sure we can make the wheels to rotate. But that is extra work I did not thought at the beginning. I think the mouse moving is just enough.

What if I do you the 2d png wheels and we add them to UI. But we make that part interactive ONLY if we fell it´s really needed for the tool.

What do you think?

Hi Pekka, I known your concern, right now I am thinking about how to control the camera with x/y translate movement during tilting(rotation). Do you have any idea?

Is it OK to use the up/down key to move the camera while use mouse to control the rotation?

Terry, good questions. Here is text from my topic linked above:

Let´s make a Omniverse extension when user can refine the camera dolly movements ( and fixed cameras too why not ) by moving the mouse to SLOWLY control the pan / tilt. This would be kinda secondary control for camera, to make framing perfect.

Camera operator is controlling this thing I am talking about. The other guy is pushing the dolly but I can animate by numbers my dolly movement easily already = the more stable the more better :)


So I was originally thinking that the movement of camera was handled by native OV keyframes. But your idea is also pretty good…

Should we have a video chat tomorrow?

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