Application crash when calling CheckColorSpaceSupport on a IDXGISwapChain3

Currently a user is experiencing a crash in nvidia Dlls when calling this function. The callstack is as follows:

000001d21c00f7d0() Unknown
nvwgf2umx.dll!00007ffb9999265f() Unknown
nvwgf2umx.dll!00007ffb9999251c() Unknown
nvwgf2umx.dll!00007ffb99988f6d() Unknown
nvwgf2umx.dll!00007ffb9a2a31ea() Unknown
nvwgf2umx.dll!00007ffb9a963c0c() Unknown
kernel32.dll!00007ffc3ab17bd4() Unknown
ntdll.dll!00007ffc3c0ace51() Unknown

“Exception thrown at 0x000001D21C00F7D0 in UE4Editor.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation executing location 0x000001D21C00F7D0.”

This happened after a clean driver install of the latest drivers (happened before as well, just that the user also updated his drivers) GRD 451.67. This user has a titan black. It also only happens when he maximizes a window (not fullscreen). The user doesn’t have an HDR monitor, it’s just checking if he does.