Argus and OpenCV

Are there any good repo sources for code to demonstrate Argus to OpenCV pipeline? I want complete control over the camera settings that Argus can offer but have existing opencv code to process the frames. C++ and Python are of interest.



Currently there is no public sample for it. You could convert that buffer to cpu through NvBufferMemMap and NvBufferMemSyncForCpu.

Hi chuckis277,
we had a sample 11_camera_object_identification which demonstrates Argus -> openCV -> caffe. We encourage users to run TensorRT, so the sample is removed in r28.2.1.

Please refer to the sample in r28.1 and below patch of removing caffe:
You may try to port it to r28.2.1 for your case.

Please follow below steps for running Argus -> OpenCV:
1 Install OpenCV
2 Apply attached patch and rebuild 09_camera_jpeg_capture
3 Run

$ export DISPLAY=:0
09_camera_jpeg_capture$ ./camera_jpeg_capture --disable-jpg

09_camera_jpeg_capture.txt (5.66 KB)

Thanks, patching 09_camera_jpeg_capture was perfect. Much appreciated.

hey @daneLLL, I cannot find the sample that you are referring about argus to OpenCV

could you post a link ?

thanks in advance

Please install tegra_multimedia_api via Jetpack. You shall see 09_camera_jpeg_capture. The patch is at comment #4