As must be configured Infiban 40 GB integrating VMware 5.x

Hello Team !!! I have two questions to them and I hope you can help me.

  1. My name hugo ortiz and work in VMware, the question I have is whether the VM can work at 40 Gb E?

  2. Have some success stories for configuration between Infiniban and VMware in a emprresa is Stock Exchange?

Hi Hugo,

ESXi 5.5 supports IPoIB, as far as I know you can reach pretty good results (not wire speed) with IPoIB and VMs

Hi Hugo,

Yes, our driver and NICs are capable of doing 40G with ethernet and infiniband (IPoIB). The latest driver ior IB would be

I know of quite a few customers who are using these setups.

Hi Team!!!

I have one questions:

My customer have Communicate hypervisors 2 Cards Mellanox Technologies MT26428 .

The question is: You can configure the Mellanox 40Gb cards working with vmware 5.5? Or rather, can support 40 Gb interface to support this bandwidth with VMware?


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