Esxi drivers


Do you have any plans on updating the drivers for esxi version 5.1 u1?


Multiple IPoIB uplink function enable hardware based network isolation. That’s a simple and rock solid.

Just configure port count and reboot each host then I’m always use 16 virtual ports to virtual nextwork.

You always said that VPI is your major feature of one.

Please support that function next release of drivers.

Hi Ali

+1 from me.

We use Mellanox IB cards since several years and I am also missing the feature “multiple ipoib uplinks”.

The main reason is the isolation of traffic. We don’t like portgroups for vms and vmkernel ports on the the same vswitch. From the point of security this is not very good.

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For IB our latest driver over MLNX_OFED_ESXi 1.8 supports ESXi

5.1 u1.

For Ethernet the Mellanox certified driver over VMware or Mellanox web pages

supports all ESXi 5.x flavors.


But current driver can’t support virtual IPoIB uplink up to 8 per IB port like vSphere 4.x environment.

When will you support that feature?

Great to hear, I was a bit concerned when it only mentioned (Builds: 469512, 623860 & 799733) and not the 5.1 u1 1065491.

Hi inbusiness,

May you explain what are the use cases that can benefit from the “multiple ipoib uplinks” feature?


that’s a simplicity.

I prefer use IPoIB uplink feature then VST(Virtual Switch Tagging). Previous you said to me another thread, 4036 must use partition number format like 80xx.

But vSphere VST can support from 0 to 4095 VLAN number. There is very curious behaviour in partition 8010 to VLAN 10 on vSphere VST environment.

Previous driver (on vSphere 4.x environment) is very simple and show a expected behavour.

Just required SM activate on IB fabric.