Attempting to install QT5 in Jetson TX2 leads to out of space in the device

Hi Everyone,
I was trying to install QT5(qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.8.0) in Jetson TX2 and it ran out of space in the device in the midst of the compilation process.

I need to bring QT5 up in Jetson TX2.

Trying to cross compile QT5 from my Ubuntu 16.04.
–>The Jetson package mentioned that it couldn’t be installed in Ubuntu 16.04.

I saw several links in the web mentioning how to compile QT5 in Ubuntu 14.04 and I found one link mentioning how to compile QT5 in Ubuntu 16.04 for Jetson TX2.

Could anyone suggest what is the right way to go about with the cross compile of QT5 for Jetson TX2 running Ubuntu 16.04?
Is it possible to cross compile QT5 for Jetson TX2 kit running Ubuntu 16.04 from a Windows host PC?

Any pointers will be really appreciated!


Hi M, by default the root partition doesn’t consume the whole 32GB capacity of Jetson TX2’s eMMC device. You could increase it by re-flashing L4T with -S 29318MiB option (see or by creating another partition to use the spare space.