Jetson Nano emmc Qt install

Despite numerous posts on how to compile Qt on Jetson Nano with SD card (> 32Gb) I have not found anything to be able to install Qt on Jetson Nano emmc (16 Gb). On the versions of Jetson with emmc in the compilation phase of the library (not cross-compiled) I find myself exceeding the 16 Gb of the emmc as already found in other posts.
How is it possible to install Qt 5.14.2 on the Jetson emmc considering that I have 10 Gb free?
Thank you

Not sure if 10Gb is enough for building QT. Would need to give it a try. For having more freespace you may try yo remove the packages:

$ sudo apt remove --purge thunderbird* libreoffice* chromium*

I’ve just removed everything possible: 10 Gb are not enough for building Qt. Any suggestion? Is it possible to cross compile on host?

There is instruction for setting up the environment for cross-compiling jetson_multimedia_api samples:
Jetson Linux API Reference: Setting Up Cross-Platform Support

It is to clone the rootfs on Jetson Nano and mount to host PC. You may give it a try.

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