Jetson Nano emmc space issue

Hii team.

I bough the Jetson Nano from a local distributer in India, The Nano works fine but the emmc boot leaves very little space for anything else major to be installed in the os.

After the OS, there is around 7 GB space remaining out of the 14/15 GB emmc space.

Aftet I install the CUDA SDK components from the sdkmanager, on rebooting there is only around 400MB of space left. I wish to install ncnn and other packages which require quite a bit of space. Is there a way to have the nano boot through an external card?The online references for the same have all claimed it to be extremely challenging. The older nanos used to boot through sd card and there was never a space issue.

Appreciate any help in this regard.

Please check point 4 in below post.

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I know that this does not answer your question directly but I feel like providing the advice anyways for your interest. Since are using the sdkamanager you may find that there are some programs that are actually not needed for most embedded developments since the system image is based on a Linux distribution (Ubuntu). Please take a look on how to uninstall some these programs using the following link: Compiling OpenCV from Source | OpenCV | RidgeRun - RidgeRun Developer Connection, that way you can try to free some of that invaluable disk space in the Jetson Nano.

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Thank you for your help guys, Just in case anyone else also needs some reference I installed to an external usb using the following steps:

Although I ran this on the external usb instead of sdcard, so might face other issues later on I am not aware of as is mentioned in the link given by @kayccc

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