What is the recommended emmc capacity for jetpack upgrade for jetson production module?


When the jetpack component is installed on the jetson nano emmc module (16G), about 1 gigabyte of storage space is left.
Is it possible to upgrade jetpack in this situation?

What is the recommended emmc capacity for jetpack upgrade?

Thank you.

hello Hodu,

it depends your actual use-case, and the installed packages;
generally, in order to fully deployed SDK, you’ll need minimum of 25GB free disk space on the system volume.

if your disk space is limited. you may remove all JetPack compute components, and also free-up ($ sudo apt clean) additional disk space, please refer to NVIDIA JetPack SDK documentation for the steps as see-also.

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Just wanted to add that on eMMC models there are a lot of partitions used in boot which you cannot remove. There is no BIOS in a Jetson and much of that content is basically performing that function along with a bootloader.


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