After installing jetpack , the 32 gb card is showing 3 gb space left

After I followed the manual and the installed all the modules of jetpack on nano, the 32 gb capacity is showing reduced to 15 gb, after that and its name is also changed to 15 GB Volume.
I cross-verified with df -h
/dev/mmcblk0p1 14G 10G 3.1G 77% /media/frano/d4789692-7fea-492e-8841-1086dcfbc65a

Is it a part of the installation, or its some kind of error?

Ok, so again I checked with gparted, it is showing 15.72 as unallocated, Is there any way to assign that space to use it, As I am trying to add that space it is showing “It is not possible to create more than 14 primary partitions”.

The Image expands fit the size of the disk on first boot, like on a Pi. It shouldn’t be repartitioned before that happens.

Thank you