Low disk space message

Hello all,

I keep have a low disk space error on my Jetson Nano even that my sd card is big enough (256 GB)

In fact I discovered two issues. first it tells that my disk space is to low and second it doesn’t see all the space of the sd card.

Heres a picture when I look at the diskspace of the Nano

And another picture when I take a look in Other Locations on Ubunntu. I see that there is only 30 GB vailable and 1.3 GB used, but my SD card is 256 GB.

Could anybody help me explaining what goes wrong here and how I could fix this.

Thanks in advance


Which jetpack release is in use? The disk space shall be configured to full size in the first boot up configuration. But look like it didn’t get done on your side previously.

It’s JetPack 4.6.1, I noticed the same that the full size is not being used. So I downloaded GParted and resized it to the full size of the SD-card. Now when I reboot both issues are gone. So no more message regarding the low disk space and I see the full size of the SD-Card.

I think I have solved it, nevertheless thanks for the fast response.


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