Jet bot is not opening and terminal is opening

hello i downloaded and flashed the jetbot-043_nano-4gb-jp45 on the sd card and after this it does not boot and the below image is shown and it’s asking me to unminimize after this i am unable to run it for anything

It isn’t asking you to unminimize. It is telling you that space was saved and “man page” documentation has not been installed, but you can install the documentation if you want. In that case, if you don’t have enough disk space, perhaps the device’s space has been 100% consumed. Do you really want to consume that space to install man pages and other documentation?

You might want to try this command to check space:
df -H -T
(the ext4 filesystem on “/” is what’s really important)

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yes but initially when as shown in NVidia’s official you tube page it’s not showing this so why this is occurring can u state it and will it change after i upload it in larger space sd card

Larger SD cards can be used. There might be some steps involved, but normally the partition size would resize on first boot. Documentation though is specific to a particular L4T release (L4T is what gets flashed, and that’s just Ubuntu plus NVIDIA drivers). To find your L4T release:
head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release

The documentation to that release can be found here:

Sometimes something needs help with that, just post a new thread if the documentation does not give you a fully sized root partition with the larger SD card.

yes but even after getting an new sd card with more space i am facing the same problem
and also the disk space is shown as below

but the sd card has more space like 35 gb extra space

for this also can we fix it using unzip method
and also this is what is being displayed is there any problem in this
and also how to fix this

What do you see from:

  • lsblk -f
  • df -H -T

So far as that last screenshot goes, I have no idea what is meant by the “unzip method”, but the screenshot is unrelated to disk space. I see Wi-Fi isn’t working, but I don’t know if that is because of not configuring it, and I don’t know if that is the concern.

Incidentally, a serial console full boot log works far better than screenshots. See:
(a full serial console boot log does wonders in helping debug)

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