Audio is missing in the exported mp4 file


Check this out:

As you can see, the audio I have on Compose seq is not exported on mp4 file. How to solve this?

Please help me asap, this is very much needed feature for us, since our product is based on avatars! If there is no solution for this, we have to dev it ourself outside of OV with ffmpeg or such on server side.


would be good to follow up with @Richard3D on the dev roadmap pertaining audio integration on mp4s (i do recall seeing you poking at this since 2021 on the forum but hasn’t yet seen proper implementation thus far):

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This is a good question. It is because it is very hard to sync the audio with the rendered frames. When we capture images, for every image we may or may not do subframes which causes it even more complex.

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In a world of normal video production this is not very hard to do.

Its all about the framerate interpret of the video file, for example in Premiere Pro it looks like this:

So you just tell to host software what is the framerate you want. In our case its mostly 60 or sometimes 30 fps.

Thats all, since audio files do not have this kind of parameter at all.
Then these two are just combined to a mp4 file.

I bet @Richard3D you are talking about something before the actual saving of the png file in the rendering process, but honestly it has nothing to do with this missing audio issue on rendered mp4 files.

Looks like Davinci Resolve supports python scripts, I wonder if you could import Davinci Resolve dependencies into an Omniverse extension

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very good idea, I forward this to our dev team!!

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If there is any change in this I will let you know

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