Unable to import rendered video into Davinci Resolve

The rendered video from Omniverse Create does not work with Davinci Resolve. The workaround is to use some other tools to resave the video. Hope OV can export a format that works with Davinci directly, thanks.

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Hi Quaz,
Create will render to single frames, even if you select a Movie format like mp4 (H264). You can import the raw frames to Resolve as well. The file written out for the movie is a standard format mp4 in H264. Resolve should be able to read it just fine. Can you check to make sure the file is not being corrupted ? Can you see if you can open the file in just regular video playing apps like VTC or something ? There is nothing specific we can add to the code to make it work in Resolve, more than writing a standard mp4.

What did you do to solve this ? Format it to what ? With what software ?

I did a screen capture here to show the problem.

If I just run a ffmpeg command like below it solves the problem:
ffmpeg -i DV.mp4 DV2.mp4

I’m using Davinci 18.1.4

Yes something is wrong here because the video you were showing is tiny. It’s 135k. Then the video you are importing is 50mb. so I don’t think this is an issue with create. Something else is going on. I don’t see where you are storing your frames to generate the mpeg. Normally, in the same folder, you specify for the mpeg, there is a folder called frames, which makes up the video. I think something here is not working correctly.

As mentioned before, do not render to MP4, but render to frames. Then import the frames into Davinci resolve.

Ok I can import into Davinci as image sequence using the frames generated from rendering.
But still mp4 doesn’t work regardless of video size. I think there’s still something weird with the mp4 output format, maybe it’s not compatible with Davinci?

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Yes I would agree that we may be using a specific mp4 codec or header that Resolve does not like. I notice you trying to drag the video in from windows explorer. How about finding the video through the Resolve file browser, as opposed to drag and drop ? I will pass thing along and see if we can investigate further.

Same result using file browser, not big issue but please investigate if you have time thanks.

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Does the video play in any other media players ? Like VTC, Windows Media, Acdsee, etc ? Or is it acting corrupt ?

I have the same problem. No Omniverse created mp4 can be read with any DaVinci version I have used. But when opened elsewhere andd saved (which I suspect will possibly not always be optimal and always an extra effort). There is some incompatibility. I have the same problem with several machines. And yes - there are ways to get round it, but it would be appreciated if you could look at what the mp4 is missing that DaVinci requires.

Yes agree. I will look into this.

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