Audio is not included on the rendered mp4 video


If I have an asset track for audio in my sequencer, called “audio track” -it shall not be rendered in mp4 file that Composer makes with movie capture?

Why not? How can I fix this?


I know we can implement our own script at server to combine the img seq that Composer exports, with the audio that is being used to a mp4 video file.

But the problem arise when user moves the asset in Composer sequencer timeline. Then the home-made script solution will fail since the audio shall be out of sync…

the audio component has obviously been a highly requested feature looking through the forum posts across multiple apps. the mods/devs will probably have more pertinent info on the development.

so that aside, i am curious to know how you are scripting at the server? the reason for the inquiry is because if you can figure out the sequence offset (in number of frames) that your users could potentially slip along the sequencer, you may be able to script that offset back into your backend. unfortunately, that’s no way near as convenient as being able to export the MP4 with video and audio together during export. so this is yet another workaround that i am throwing out there.

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very good idea again @Simplychenable I am yet to test out the excellent idea of using aim constaraints for the eye contact!

I let you know how goes for the both!

I will check with the dev team on their roadmap for audio output but as far as I know you are correct. Composer is primarily used to output single frames. The mp4 is really just a post render script.

As mentioned I would just treat rendered output and audio and separate elements and comp the audio in any standard package like After Effects.

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From the dev team:
“This is a good question. It is because it is very hard to sync the audio with the rendered frames. When we capture images, for every image we may or may not do subframes which causes it even more complex.”