Audio2face blendshape export to cc morph stops at 100% with no json files

I’ve followed the tutorial on Reallusion’s youtube channel to a tee, but can’t seem to get the json files for the face, tongue and export tuner. Has anyone encountered the same issue?

Hi @grapelemonswirl can you share a link to the tutorial you’re following?

For sure! Here’s the tutorial I was following

I was just able to import the json files successfully. Is it possible your json files are not correct?

Can you share your json files?

I can’t share them because I can’t get them; I’ve followed the steps to a tee, and right at the step when I try to export with the reallusion plug, the process starts, goes to a 100% and then just stops, doesn’t close or give any feedback. It also says that the json files have been set under C/Users/…/kit/shared/capture but the capture partition doesn’t exist.

Not to mention that importing my own audio is a challenge. I’ve seen another poster have issues with this, tried their fix of changing the wav bitrate, it worked once and then never again.

can you share your audio file so I can test on my end?

Course, this is the file (2.1 MB)

Though I’m still preoccupied about the json partition not being created, seems weird. Probably missing a very obvious thing, but can’t find what.

Hello, I was suffering from the same problem and thought I should post what solved it for me:

the default export location was the problem for me. i guess Audio2face couldn’t write to the documents folder on my C drive. I changed the export destination to one on my E: Drive, and it exported just fine

Like you, when I was trying to export the JSON files initially it was just stuck at 100 percent. hope that helps or you find a solution to your problem


For me the audio doesn’t show up in the Audio Player section. I renamed the file extension from .WAV to .wav and it showed up. Then exported json files and everything is exported properly.

@lh22344 has a good point. Sometimes if your username has something other than standard English letters it can’t use the path. @grapelemonswirl Do you have any special character in your username?

Thank you guys, the export now works! The audio I’m afraid still doens’t respond, so I’ll try to do it a bit different, and gotcha on the letters! I’m afraid the name and letters are normal and there’s no special characters.

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