Audio2Face json export no selected solver

Hi! I successfully managed to remap my custom mesh in audio2face, generate the shape keys and then transfer the generated motion onto the mesh with the shapekeys.

Now I would like to export a json in order to import the keyframes for the shapekeys (or blend shapes in this case) inside blender.

However when I hit export I get this error message:

Where do I select the solver in order to export the json?

Thank you!

@bernardo.iraci i am just another user, does this section of the video help you locate where to select the solver?

Omniverse Audio2Face and Blender | Part 2: Loading AI-Generated Lip Sync Clips (

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thanks for your answer, that’s exactly the tutorial I was following. I am not sure what I was doing wrong, but it worked after a few attempts… maybe I didn’t have the right mesh selected, not sure.

Now I need to figure out how to export the animation for the eyes, tongue and lower gums :D

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