No solver selected

I like to play my character inside IClone 8. I am using AUDIO2FACE 2023.2.0. When I tried to export Weights I got error No solver selected. My animation and sound work fine, but unable to resolve this problem.
Kindly help.


@agha.khan1 one possibility is you forgot to select a solver before you tried to export the weights. but that’s just a guess based on your description.

Thanks for prompt reply.
Did you watch the video?
The link is provided.
But how to select a solver? I have no idea?

Agha Khan

this might help -

Thank you, for your reply.
Kindly look this video.

I want to build my application with iClone v8.4. In this video the author did not go to blender and was to able to produce his video.
Any help will be very much appreciated.

the part of the video i linked is in A2F and has nothing to do with Blender, actually. it does, however, show you how to select a solver to address the no solver issue you were having. In Markom’s video, he was using version 2022.1.1 and didn’t have a list of solver in the Blendshape Conversion section to choose from because it’s an older version. so whilst the video showed the overall process with your desired program iClone8 and A2F, you likely missed a thing or two due to discrepancy between versions (since you are using 2023.2.0 yourself).

the video recording you provided in your original post didn’t show you selecting the solver in the list like in the official workflow video i linked. so i would recommend actually viewing it at the timestamp provided (at 05:22).

Thank you.
It might help some one.

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