Audio2face is not opening properly 5/9/2022

When I attempt to open Audio2face, I receive only a blank area, no model to work with whatsoever. Can anyone help, can’t seem to get an answer from Nvidia

Hello @user119511! Can you let me know what your computer environment is?

  • Operating System
  • GPU / GPU Driver

Also, if you can attached a log file, I might be able to see where the problem is occurring:

It’s a three week old build, made specifically for working in computer animated graphics. Unreal Engine, Reallusion products, and
of course in Omniverse. (See ‘Info1’ folder)
Audio2face was one of the first things I opened and started exploring, and it worked fine until just a couple days ago, then nothing.
What you see in the ‘Info2’ folder is all that appears now.
I Sure hope you can help.
Thanks for your time. (437 KB) (764 KB)

Not to sound like I’m in a hurry Wendy, but have you found the problem?

Did I get misplaced in the system? This is the third time I’ve posted this problem here, and even though there’s been some people reading it, not one answer. Does anyone from Nvidia pay attention to these posts?