Audio2face view port looks all black ,nothing can be render(RTX-RealTimeMode)

audio2face view port looks all black ,nothing can be render(RTX-RealTimeMode)
my pc info:
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070

i try to reinstall graphics driver,and try to reinstall a2f app,but no use

this zhe log file
kit_20240711_130443.log (666.9 KB)

First of all try going into your Audio 2 face data folder and deleting it. It can be found in ov/data/kit/
This will factory reset it.

Then make sure you have only the recommended drivers installed. Not the LATEST. The recommended.

alright i ll try this ,thx

hi, i had reinstalled the graphics dirver to the verson 537.58 as the recommended .and del Audio 2 face data folder.

but also no use

Ok try this to do a full OV reset:

Close all kit apps and the launcher
Quit the launcher icon from the bottom right system tray. (Right click and exit)
Launcher task manager and go the ‘Details’ panel
List all processors by ‘Name’ and then kill (right click and “end task”) all threads that start with “omni”, if they appear
Go to c:/users/USER/appdata/local/ and delete the entire OV folder. This will be big and it will take a while
Go to c:/users/USER/appdata/roaming/omni-launcher/ amd delete the “cache” and “data” folders
Restart Launcher and all apps have been removed completely and launcher reset to factory