Audio2face Movie Capture or screen capture Not available

Hi team,
Can we do Movie capture or screen capture is available inside A2F ?
That will be helpful for recording or capturing the video from a2f instead of going Machinima.

Hey Raja,
Movie Capture leverages the global timeline. At this time Audio2face uses its own custom timeline, which makes it incompatible with Movie Capture. We are working to address that.

There are two possible workarounds.

  1. Use screen recording software.
  2. Export your audio2face animation and bring the cache back in to USD Composer where you can record it with Movie Capture.

Thanks @wtelford1 . I got it .
But If the Character have the full body animations, If I want to combine both I am going to use connecting points method instead of going Machinima.
So what I am Checking this movie capture is support in A2F .