aurix eth0 problem

nvidia@nvidia:~$ sudo /usr/bin/nv_aurix_update -i /lib/firmware/*-P2379-EB-Aurix-* -u /lib/firmware/*-P2379-UPDATE-Aurix-*
[sudo] password for nvidia: 
New fw Filename DPX2-P2379-EB-Aurix-2.01.03.hex
New EB fw version
query_fw_version: Receive Timeout. Packet loss
Please rerun nv_aurix_update app or check Ethernet configuration
Query Version failed

Why is this error when flashing aurix?

I have the same problem.

So, I can’t run the Camera Test file on Desktop Path.

What is to check Ethernet configuration?

I used the DrivePX2( Software Release) AutoChauffeur.

And, I edited /etc/resolv.conf and /etc/network/interfaces, then I checked ethernet was working well ,using chrome.

What is the current version on the Aurix? If it is not 1.03 you can’t update via the script you have to update via Windows. The easiest way to check is just use the serial console

I also ran into this issue on the Drive PX2 AutoChauffer, has anyone had any success resolving it?