Autocompletion/IntelliSense for omni.isaac.* Modules

Hello, I am currently working myself through the Isaac Sim Python Tutorials.

Everything works fine, however, I do not have any autocompletion for the omni.isaac.* modules.
For example: from omni.isaac.wheeled_robots.robots import WheeledRobot here VSCode tells me the module could not be found.

Is there a way to include those modules such that the autocompletion/IntelliSense features of VSCode work for those modules?

Isaac Sim 2022.2.1 on Windows 10.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Hi @valentino.geuenich1

I also tried to include all isaac libraries using * with no luck. What I ended up doing is including the full path to each isaac library that I’m using in .vscode/settings.json. It’s also what the custom VS code workspace for Isaac does:

"python.analysis.extraPaths": [
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Thank you very much @dgarcialopez. This helped a lot.

For anyone who wants to do the same:
I found the .vscode folder inside the isaac_sim-2022.2.1 folder containing all the relevant extraPaths.
I replaced the relative paths with absolute paths in the settings.json such that it works from all locations. This way I can copy the .vscode folder to anywhere where I opened the VSCode editor.

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