AutoDesk Inventor 2010 and Tesla C-1060 AutoDesk Inventor 2010

I want to thank all the individuals and the great replies from previous posting
Not sure how to word this question.
Seeking feedback
I use Autodesk Inventor 2010
My graphic cards are FX-1800 and FX-3800 as a loaner card for testing
I do a lot of simulations, there a major performance improvement with FX-3800 over the FX-1800; I want to get a major performance increase by using a Tesla C-1060
Assumption: I don’t think there an interface which could off load certain Autodesk processes to the C-1060 and to a Nvidia graphic card, I could wrong here.
My Questions

  1. If I use a C-1060 Tesla Card in conjunction with either an FX-1800, FX-3800 or and any Nvidia Cuda supported products, would I have much of performance gain. On the surface I want to say yes.
  2. If I developed a general decision matrix for what task I would off load to the C-1060 what might they be?
  3. To my knowledge there no automatic detection by an Nvidia Cuda product of a C-1060 in system and there manager to decide what to off load to the C-1060.
  4. Any else you want to input

Has AutoDesk Inventor been updated to use CUDA? I don’t see any mention of it in a quick web search. Unless someone can modify the Inventor source code (or perhaps write some custom plugins if they provide such an interface), I don’t think you’ll be able to offload any calculation to the Tesla card.

That my opinion also. If I was able to get the source code via Autodesk Developer Partner program at a very high cost were would I start ?