Automation header J42 orientation

Hi there,

The pinout for the automation header J42 in the “NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit Carrier Board Specification” document gives functionality by pin #, but it doesn’t say how the pins are numbered for the header (eg whether they number across or down) or where pin 1 is. Is there any information on this? I am looking for something similar to what is given for the 40-pin header J30, where there is a picture of how the pins are numbered, and there is a picture on various sites of the label for pin 1 (eg Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit User Guide - Hardware | NVIDIA Developer,

I saw on the drawing in the Board Specification document that there is an arrow that might indicate pin 1 for each of the headers. However, I was confused because the arrow for J30 on the drawing doesn’t seem to match the pictures, if I am understanding both correctly. Or does the arrow just indicate Row 1?


On the 40-pin header the arrow indicates pin 1 (that row has the odd numbered pins; pin 1 should be 3.3V and pin 39 should be ground). You could look at the schematic and note which pins are ground, and note that the metal shield of the DisplayPort and USB are also ground. Then use a multimeter to check resistance to each point you think is ground on the pin diagram to verify. I think this is the same regardless of carrier board since it is the module itself with the 40-pin header.

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