Auvidea J120-IMU rev.7 carrier board

Hi albertr,

how exactly did you make the .dts changes? Did you copy the Auvidea .dts from ChangesTX2J140_Kernel_r28.1/source/ to the NVIDIA sources underneath /usr/src/hardware/nvidia/platform ?


Yes, I just extracted their changes from the directory you mentioned (attached here: ) and applied them to my source tree (/usr/src/hardware/nvidia/).


How to bring up the CAN bus when bootup without manually input of the following?

  1. sudo modprobe mttcan
  2. sudo ip link set can0 type can bitrate 1000000
  3. sudo ifconfig can0 up

Were anybody able to get devkit CSI camera working on J120?

in /etc/network/interfaces add a new interface:

auto can0
iface can0 inet manual
pre-up /sbin/ip link set $IFACE type can bitrate 1000000
up /sbin/ifconfig $IFACE up
down /sbin/ifconfig $IFACE down

Thanks FrankB! This is what I am looking for, it is better than putting commands in rc.local.

Hi Folks! I’m thinking about buying the J120 Board in Combination with the B102 HDMI to CSI-2 bridge. My goal is to be able to process a hdmi stream coming from a DSLR. I have a Jetson TX2, but I do not see this one mentioned explicitely on the page of the Auvidea. Do you guys think this combo will work on the TX2? If not, any suggestions on how to get HDMI input? The J130 Board is out of my budget as a student…

B102 won’t work with TX2… Can you use NVidia DevKit board instead of Auvidea J120? If so, then you can use the following:


Hi albertr,

Which file did you have to edit to get the pwm-fan to work ?