Auvidea J120 not booting and LED lights meanings

Hi Guys,
Unfortunately I tried to get information about Auvidea J120 before I post this but couldn’t extract a logical information about how to boot the board and how to force recover the board or even rest it!
I have flashed every thing including my software and Jetpack 4.3 using Nvidia development kit and took TX2 out and installed it in my Auvidea J120 but I couldn’t boot the board!
I have connected Ethernet, otg USB, and wireless dongle and HDMI to second monitor but failed to get the board booting.
I am using UAV battery to do so and the J120 board is powered from 3.5A BEC but I noticed LED lights are lighting up as follows:
LED blinking green (near fan) on board back face and it’s continuing blinking in a steady manner!
Also when power connects there is an LED beside SD card turns on after battery connected and turns off few seconds later! But the near FAN LED light continue blinking on & off every second so does that indicates my board is defected I need to replace it or what exactly?
Thank you guys in advanced

Hi y.almadi,

Have you updated the BSP from Auvidea on your device?

Please check

Hi Kay,

Thanks for the reply very much.

I can’t detect the board in terminal so how can I do the update?
It’s really acting weird this board I couldn’t detect it on my PC when I connect otg USB to pc with all other connections!

Any advise on steps to do the update please?


By the way, what I did is loading the new 2020 J120 firmware on PC and flash everything using Nvidia development kit through SDK manager because I couldn’t download the Auvidea firmware using J120 since I couldn’t detect it in terminal!

My board is Rev8

I did do that but still have same problem

Welcome to the club…
First, the steadyly green blinking LED on the side of the J120 indicates correct power supply.
The green LED close to the SD card should be permanently on.
OTG apparently does NOT work with the Auvidea boards - at least I was never able to connect with my J120 and my J121.

You need to mount the TX2 to the Nvidia dev board in order to flash the TX2.

I suggest to check the following:

  1. mount the TX2 on the dev board and flash it with Jetpack 4.3 w/o the Auvidia firmware
  2. if the TX2 is running properly after install, mount it on the J120.
  3. if booting fails, then very likely you are facing a defect of the J120
  4. if booting succeeds, then something went wrong during the Auvidea Firmware install.

You can run the TX2 with JP 4.3 w/o the Auvidea firmware, you will only loose the second USB3.0 port.