aws iot greengrass local ressource access failed on jetson nano


I’m trying to implement aws greengrass on jetson nano, while access local resource read/write file from lambda function i’m having issue with subscribe/publish those topic from cloud to edge and i’m following the official aws documentation
Here is my log;

[2019-07-01T15:57:47.009+05:30][INFO],Caught signal 15. Stopping runtime.
[2019-07-01T15:57:59.286+05:30][INFO],Running [arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:xxxxxxxxx:function:TestLRA:7]
[2019-07-01T15:57:59.286+05:30][INFO],Getting work for function [arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:xxxxxxxxx:function:TestLRA:7] from http://localhost:8000/2016-11-01/functions/arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:xxxxxxxxxx:function:TestLRA:7/work

I’m completely new to aws greengrass and jetson nano. Anybody having familiar with aws greengrass, please help me out from this issue!!!.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Varun_Rantinam, are you able to get it working following this forum thread?

Note that by default, you should be able to run Python-based Lamda functions. If you wanted to run Node.js or Java-based Lamda functions on your Nano, you would need to install those dependencies first.

Thanks dusty_nv. I can able to resolve this issue. I saw the above, thread explains only environment setup alone. I have few doubts, do you familar with aws iot greengrass. Is it possible to add large file from cloud to edge?

Hi Varun, I’m not terribly familiar, but I would suspect it would be related to the bandwidth and stability of the network connection from the edge device.

Hi dusty_nv, I can able to create append/write existing file from cloud to edge. while i try to create new file only i had an above issue as i mentioned in log. i tried more than days but can’t able to fix.

Hi, Varun_Rathinam

Do you fix this issue?
If not, would you mind to share current status with us?


Yes Aastall. I can able to fix this issue.

Good to hear this.

If possible, would you mind to share the steps for fixing this issue here?
So others stuck in the similar problem can follow your instructions. : )


Sure AastaLLL. Please give me some time. I will update in same thread.

Thanks. : )