Bamsort Failed with "AttributeError"

It failed when run bamsort.

The cmd used:
pbrun bamsort --ref fix_WYDT04_HiFiasm_genome.fa --in-bam DY90_rmdup.bam --out-bam output.bam --sort-order coordinate

PS: haplotypecaller , deepvariant , rna_gatk , etc. can be run correctly.

Thanks for any advice.

Hey @lkuang,

I was just able to replicate your error. I am submitting a bug to our engineering team.

Thank you for your patience.

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Hi @gburnett, Does this issue also exist in PB3.8?

Hi, @gburnett What is the status of this bug.

Hey @lkuang ,

This is fixed in the latest version of Parabricks 3.8.1. You should be able to download it from the trial portal.


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