bash: nvvp: command not found

I have cuda-9.0 installed (flashed to TX1). nvprof works fine. But the package I flashed didn’t have libnvvp.

How can I directly download/install just the missing visual profiling tool? Thanks.


I’m currently running nvvp from a host machine and generating the profiles on TX1. The nvvp library and binary don’t get compiled/installed/copied for cuda 9.0 on TX1. But when I download the same cuda 9.0 toolkit on an x86 running ubuntu 16.0, it creates libnvvp and nvvp binary.

Anyway, there’s a workaround for now but another hack.

Hi, Accelerator2018

For nvvp use, we suggest to launch on host side, and then remote profile TX1.

The Visual Profiler is not supported on tegra based devices. You can run Visual Profiler on host machine and use Remote Profiling feature to profile your application on target machine (TX1). Refer below section for details.


Thanks. I was at GTC DC and that seemed to be everyone’s response as well.

Good to know that. Thanks for contacting devtalk.