"System profiling is not supported on the underlying platform"

Trying to run profiling on my TX2 application to help optimize memory performance. I’ve followed the blog instructions, but am met with a blank screen and warnings that say System Profiling or CPU profiling is not supported on the underlying platform. This using the Visual Profiler on Ubuntu 16.xx. I know OpenACC is not supported on the TX2, but I’d like to see what my memory access is looking like as I tune my application to see if the optimization routines are adding any value.

Where did you reference to and the BSP version?

I saw this error when I upgraded to L4T 32.1 but did not switch the references
in the Makefile to point to the newer compiler toolchain.

I think you need GCC 7.3.1

You can get it here: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/linux-tegra

Thanks, I’ll try that when I get a chance. As for now, I’m running nvprof with the output options on the device and then opening it in the profiler application. Including commands here in case anyone reading this is uncomfortable/unfamiliar with remote console stuff.

ssh username@tx2 #connect to tx2

#I might have to find nvprof, so: find / -name nvprof
sudo /usr/local/cuda-10.0/bin/nvprof -f --export-profile prof.nvvp --analysis-metrics [path to exe]

exit #return to my desktop

scp username@tx2:/path_to_nvvp_file ~/local_path/prof.nvvp #copy back to the host