Bayer RAW12 data : push to ISP

What is the recommended way to process a set of RAW 12-bit Bayer data captures using the Tegra ISP. JFTR captured RAW from a MIPI/CSI camera module using v4l2-ctl and would like to batch process off-line using the NVIDIA Tegra ISP.

If you need involve Tegra ISP you have to use argus absolutely.
v4l2 pipeline only can get the raw data and didn’t have ISP support.

Thank you ShaneCCC , yes I understand no ISP with v4l2. I am also using nvarguscamerasrc for complete end-to-end pipelines that have ISP but that’s from sensor to ISP and I have no way to save Bayer. What I am trying to find is a way to “inject” Bayer from file to argus for ISP.

Sorry to tell Tegra camera not support this feature currently.