Camera sensor - ISP support


From driver package document we understood that Nvidia Jetson Tx1 has ISP support for Raw Bayer sensor OV5693. We are planning to use different Raw Bayer sensor.
So I would like to know if this support can be used for any Raw Bayer sensor ?

Can anyone please help on this? I can able to stream videos for Ov5693 with Tegra ISP config in Jetson tx1 kit. Whether this same support can be used for any Raw Bayer sensor?

Hi Dhanaraj,

We’ll announce new camera functionality with the release.
For now, we support USB, we support YUV, we support RAW in ISP-bypass, and we support OV5693 RAW processed.
We do not currently support ISP processing for any other RAW cameras at this time.


Kaycc, is there a rough timeline on ISP processing of RAW cameras?